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Wooden VW Beetle made by Bosnian Pensioner

A Bosnian pensioner has made a wooden Volkswagen Beetle.  Momir Bojic, 71 years old man, created the car from over 50,000 separate pieces of oak. The avid VW Beetle fan worked on his labour of love for more than two years. He covered the bodywork of a regular Beetle in thousands of oak tiles, each one of which required no fewer than 23 separate procedures. Mr Bojic made all of…


It’s amazing what he can make from burls

Adomas Kausinis was born in 1948 12 05, in Pabrade, Svencioniu reg., Lithuania. Although he doesn’t have any education in arts, he started creating in 1990. Firstly he started to carve simple masks from lime wood, but he started to search for more sophisticated way and started to carve more natural and plastic forms. Little by little his home become wood storage. You can find any wood here – various burls,…


Creative cutting boards by Cameron Oehler

Cameron Oehler – an Indianapolis-based geek and woodworker who grew up playing Nintendo and helping out in his dad’s cabinet shop.  He eventually branched off to create his own work, and began doing geek-inspired woodworking in 2008 when he realized the wooden blocks that make up an end-grain cutting board could be arranged to create cool pixel-art designs.  He draws inspiration for his creations from videogames, fractals, and anything else…


Mark Doolittle artworks

“The trajectory of my art has been through science. During an era of tremendous advancement in cell and molecular biology occurring in the 1970s and 80s, I gained a doctoral degree in these fields from the University of California at Los Angeles.  At this institution, I pursued a career in biomedical research while developing a keen interest in woodworking and art.  I began to seriously produce wood artwork in 2002,…


Martha Collins works

,,My passion is to create timeless, beautiful, small objects using the natural colors and grains of domestic and exotic hardwoods. For 35 years I have explored this natural beauty which I frame with either natural veneers or veneers that are hand dyed in my studio. Share this!


Top 10 woodworking tips

Reusable sanding blocks Make your own reusable sanding block Here’s how to make your own reusable sanding blocks. Cut six blocks from scrap 3/4-in.plywood for each sandpaper grit you commonly use. Make them 2-1/2 in. x 4-3/4 in. Spray adhesive on both a square of cork tile and each block. Stick a block to the cork and cut the cork flush with a utility knife. Then spray adhesive on a…


Bygone era of logging

Logging’s roots in America stretch back to the early 1600s. Ever since the arrival of settlers in Jamestown in 1607, lumber has been essential to the North American economy. Today, the logging trade is an enormous global business, and it continues to be driven by ambitious workers willing to take on one of the world’s most dangerous jobs. Share this!

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