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15 Bandsaw Box Design Ideas

Got a cool chunk of wood you’ve been holding on to for just the right project? How about a bandsaw box? They’re easy and fun to make. Bandsaw boxes are boxes made out of wood using only a bandsaw for cutting them out. The wood may be a solid block, a laminated block or a log from the woodpile. Whereas most boxes have straight sides and square corners, band saw boxes…


20 Wooden Candle Holder Ideas

Nothing is cozier and more personal than a little candle. Its shimmer of light is shaping the world around it an extraordinary manner especially after sunset. A calm relaxing tone of jazz surrounded by small candles while you immerse yourself into supreme relaxation in the bathtub. Perfect. We need time off to unplug. We need a short break in our busy schedules to relax, meditate or schedule ahead if we…


20 Wooden Decorations To Make Your Home Cozier

We present you a bunch of examples how to make fascinating home decorations using simple wood elements. This crafts are easy to make and you can do it by yourself in your home, and you will add a fun tones. Use up spare wood scraps to create stylish home decor. You can transform your home into very modern with these simple and inexpensive DIY ways to reuse your old wood…


DIY Creative Phone Holders

Phone holders aren’t really popular because who likes to put phone in holder after a call or reading a message? Anyway these are really handy when you are watching videos on phone or put it to charge. If you don’t want to pay cash for a dock or stand that didn’t come with your new phone or tablet, then consider making your own from gallery below. Share this!


Unusual Kitchen Design Ideas

When it comes to designing a kitchen, there’s one material that you’re going to see more than any other: wood. Of course, that’s just a matter of practicality. Even the most modern cabinetry is built out of wood, after all. But, that’s not the reason why wood is so popular! It has to do with its singular look, the lush grains that it has, and – of course – the…


10 Cool Wooden Chest Ideas

There should be always things in stored in our house which are basic utilities so that at some emergency situations we do not get short on them. When the impromptu guests arrive at home we need many things to host them properly and nicely so that they feel completely comfortable at your home. So, things like grocery, toiletries, and beverage bottles all should be present in your house already so…

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