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Cordwood flooring

When it comes to putting in a new floor, you have a ton of options. However, for every style of floor you can decide on, you’re going to have to spend the money to have it professionally installed. That is, unless you’re Sunny Pettis Lutz and her pal Tony, who created a cheap and unique floor for her home using locally sourced materials without spending a lot of money. The…


Beautiful Shutters For House Windows

“My home is my castle. I wanted this fortress to be protected and at the same time beautiful. Shutters that I have made to protect this house meet these requirements. Protection is provided by the design of thick metal and a unique beauty of wood trim. I like floral ornament in this work.” – Artyom Dmitrochenko Share this!


How To Make A Mosaic Bar Table From Wood And Tiles

Author name is Alexey Steshak. He is an artist, a decorator and an interior designer. Currently, he is a designer who thinks up a project and completely accomplishes it with his own hands. Alexey work in different areas of art: mosaic, interior design, modelling, furniture design and others. He made this bar table for a small cafe in Altai Republic, Russia. Author used a pine board and regular ceramic tiles. It took…


Sanctuary of Truth – temple made entirely of wood

Made entirely of wood (no metal nails) and commanding a celestial view of the ocean, the Sanctuary of Truth is best described as a visionary environment: part art installation, religious shrine and cultural monument. Constructed in four wings dedicated to Thai, Khmer, Chinese and Indian religious iconography, the architecture and setting is impressive. Share this!


Infinity table

Turn on the lights inside this table and you’ll be staring into infinity. This woodworking project maybe look impossible to make, but  it’s easy to build. So, check how it’s made and try to make one for yourself! Share this!


Charred Wood Finish Furniture by Yaroslav Galant

Yaroslav Galant “Innovative Design”, indeed. Who would have thought that burning furniture would give it such a rich and luscious look? The “Born 2B Burn” furniture of this Ukrainian designer uses a patented process after charring the furniture — at 2000 degrees Fahrenheit! This process preserves the wood core by “flash” heating the outer layers at such a high temperature, it produces the incredible effects you see. Share this!


Wood Burned Furniture by Cecilia Galluccio

Just look at the incredible scenes that unfold on these wood burned coffee table and chair. How awesome are these pieces of art masquerading as furniture? Artist Cecilia Galluccio makes these bespoke table and chair to order – with your own choice of design. You can really make these pieces “you”. Well, she can really make these pieces you. They take her nine months to complete (hmm, remind you of…


If You Have Access To Some Birch, You Can Upgrade Your Home’s Interior Design

Unless you’re spending an arm and a leg on high-end furniture, trying to assemble prepackaged parts that are supposed to resemble a couch you bought is pretty much futile. Either the instructions are difficult to understand, none of the pieces fit correctly, or there are missing parts. The whole thing is a mess from beginning to end (and the end usually involves giving up in frustration). Share this!


DIY Pallet Flooring

If you love the idea of timber flooring, but don’t have the budget, this project could be the solution. The first step is to get your hands on enough recycled timber pallets and you’ll end up with a very unique timber floor. Share this!

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