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Geometric Laser-Cut Wood Relief Sculptures by Gabriel Schama

You might typically think artistry and technology have very little to do with each other, but when creativity and machinery come together, the results are entirely spectacular. Working with precisely cut 1/8″ pieces of laser-cut mahogany plywood, Oakland-based artist Gabriel Schamacreates densely layered wood relief sculptures that twist, intersect, and overlap to create various mandala-like forms. Each piece begins as a vector illustration which is fed into his laser cutter…


Wooden Vespa scooter by Carlos Alberto

With more and more people switching to alternative modes of transportation like bikes and scooters, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to stand out from the crowd of nearly identical vehicles. While some turn to new paint jobs or accessories, craftsman Carlos Alberto took a more labor intensive route when designing a Vespa for his daughter, resulting in a beautiful motor scooter named after her (Vespa Daniella) boasting a sleek,…


John Beaver Woodturnings

John Beaver is best known for his Wave form bowls and he is currently working on two different series. Here we find out more about him and his turnings After 25 years as a photographer and motion picture director/cameraman, John began turning on a lathe he inherited. John was immediately hooked and started exploring woodturning as an art form. Coming up with a few ideas that had never been done…


Ron Layport amazing carved wood vases

We’ve all seen turned wood vessels at local art and craft fairs, but it’s unlikely you’ve ever seen anything as detailed as Ron Layport’s wood vessels. Yes, like any wood vessel of that ilk, they are turned on a lathe. But that’s just the beginning for Layport. From there ,he punctures, carves, sands and polishes the forms to perfection, oftentimes arduously honing them into elaborate, repetitive animal motifs. Like many a…


Keep Your Eye On This Wooden Box…It’s Going To Do Something You Won’t Believe

YouTuber Izzy Swan is quite creative when it comes to woodworking. The master builder made hundreds of unique and often weird-looking builds for his channel, all in varying shapes and sizes while serving a variety of purposes. However, none can compare to his amazing folding table. In just seconds, Swan turns a strange wooden box into a picnic table that can seat four. The transforming wooden invention is pretty darn…


Here Are 19 Hacks That’ll Make Any Messy Garage An Organized Thing Of Beauty

  Let’s be honest with ourselves: most of our garages are absolute disaster zones. Sure there’s some organization – a couple bins here and there, maybe a few shovels hanging on the wall, but besides that, many garages are absolute free-for-alls, full of miscellaneous objects scattered about with little to no sense of organization. Garages like this can be a huge waste of time when you have a project you…


Amazing Life-Like Wooden Sculptures Hand Carved By Peter Demetz

Carving a sculpture is definitely an arduous task – after all, there are no easy ways to correct your mistakes. This doesn’t stop Italian-born Peter Demetz from making expertly carved wooden sculptures of people. They are small, but surprisingly detailed. All the creases of clothing, all the curves of body and even loose strands of hair – nothing escapes his carving blade. The end result is of stunning craftsmanship, and…


These Furniture Pieces May Look Cartoonish, But They’re Actually Quite Genius

Ideally, furniture should be both nice to look at and functional. But sometimes, designers stray too far to the practical side of things, forgoing any sense of fun in order to be more “modern.” The designers at Straight Line Designs make furniture that rebels against the sober designs of many contemporary homes. These aren’t your average pieces of furniture, but they sure are awesome. Share this!

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