Carved Wood Spirits Ideas

February 3, 2017

Many different cultures throughout history have believed that “Spirits” inhabit the trees of the forest. Some believed that Spirits were living within the tree from its beginning, others believed the spirits of passed ancestors returned to the earth and existed in one of its many forms. Carvers are believed to see, therefore, able to “bring the Spirit out” of the tree.


20 Clever Boat Repurposing Ideas

January 31, 2017

Recycling is a hugely important part of our effort to take care of and live in harmony with the planet we call home, but it doesn’t just have to be reserved to municipal authorities or waste management companies. There are awesome and creative ways to recycle old boats that can be taken advantage of by almost anyone. 


Amazing Carvings By Michel Lajeunesse

January 23, 2017

Michel Lajeunesse studied at the École des beaux-arts de Montréal in the early sixties, later becoming interested in calligraphy and graphic design. He returned to sculpture a few years later and settled in Mont Tremblant. He has participated in several symposiums held in the Laurentian region, such as Les Sculptures de Saint-Sauveur (2004- 2006), the Symposium international de sculpture de Saint-Faustin Lac Carré (2010) and the Symposium des arts du…


Wooden Chandelier Ideas

January 22, 2017

Light is really important when it comes to interior design. The ambiance created by lighting changes the appearance of a room and the way it is perceived by us, as well enhancing whichever piece of art or piece of decor we desire. It can express warmth, coziness, happiness, romance or the opposite, sterility, coldness, strictness. The last set of atmospheres is usually obtained through cold lighting fixtures such as steel…


Creative Wood Fence Ideas

January 20, 2017

Fencing has many practical uses including establishing boundaries, reducing noise, enhancing outdoor decor, and maintaining security and privacy. Wood is often the material of choice because it is inexpensive and can easily accommodate any home design. There are many wood fence ideas including those made from pine, cedar, cypress, redwood, pressure-treated wood, or spruce.


Chunky Wood Furniture Ideas

January 17, 2017

Homeowners looking to add some rustic and natural appeal to their interior decor are in luck, because these chunky wood furniture pieces has everything you need to add that natural charm to your home. While some people prefer to choose brand new and sleek furnishings for their homes, these chunky wood designs are more for those who admire and appreciate the naturalness of these unique furniture pieces. Yes, this style is not suitable for all homes and I’m…


Rocks And Wood Combination Ideas

January 16, 2017

A few ideas come to mind when we try to imagine inexpensive beautiful ways to enhance our household and they all include natural materials such as wood, river rocks and natural stones. All beautiful, all natural and all composing unique compositions throughout the design line. Today I will present you some examples on how to use river rocks and wood combination in your decor through diy projects, these ideas are…


Rustic Wood Furniture And Decor Ideas

January 15, 2017

Homeowners looking to add some vintage appeal to their interior decor are in luck, because these rustic wood furniture and decor pieces has everything you need to add that old school charm to your home. While some people prefer to choose brand new and sleek furnishings for their homes, these rustic designs are more for those who admire and appreciate the worn-in looks of these old school pieces of decor.


10 Creative Rocking Chair Ideas

January 12, 2017

A rocking chair is a type of chair with two curved bands (known as rockers),which contact the floor at only two points, giving the occupant the ability to rock back and forward. This chair design is very comfortable for every age and everybody should have it at home. This rocking chair is good for the new parents too. You can have some much needed rest while enjoying with your child….