Wonderful Carvings By Marek Cinko

January 11, 2017

Marek Cinko is a extraordinary wood carver from Czech Republic. Mostly he carves mystic-looking human sculptures which reminds characters from fantasy stories. Marek has a tradition to plant 3 trees after carving a new sculpture.  His sculptures cost from 50 000 to 150 000 CZK (approximately 1950-5830 USD) + shipping (worldwide).


Unique Furniture by Gareth Christopher Jones

December 30, 2016

Located in the village of Kettleshulme, Cheshire, Carved Wood Design is a great example of alternative thinking. Uneasy with simplistic conventional furniture and kitchen design, Gareth the owner, aims for originality at all times ignoring fashion trends and the principle of built in obsolescence. Flexibility in design means unlimited possibilities, a truly bespoke service from a furniture artist.


Weirdly Beautiful Tables By Jurij Gusarchuk

April 9, 2016

Jurij Gusarchuk creates little bit weird but really beautiful tables from trees with burls. Some think it’s creepy while others see fabulous masterpieces. Anyway, these tables require a lot of talent and look great in cabin or fairy tale house!


She Makes Quilt Inspired Tables Out Of Salvaged Wood

February 13, 2016

Made By Woodhand is a company specializing in such designs made from salvaged and reclaimed wood. The owner and founder first started building wooden tables as a part of her personal DIY projects, but was soon picked up by a bigger company, and commissioned to make a series of these amazing tables. These tables turned out to be absolutely stunning. Below, you can see few of these quilt-inspired tabletops, each with its own unique puzzle…


Chainsaw Carvings By Tomas Vrba

November 8, 2015

Tomas Vrba Studio specializes in wood and stone sculpture, including on-site chainsaw stump carvings. Tomas Vrba, an award-winning master sculptor with over twenty years of experience, combines the classical fine arts training he received in his native country of Slovakia with modern tools, such as the chainsaw, to create truly unique works of art.


Creative Furniture designs by Ohad Milner

November 2, 2015

Ohad Milner grew up in Moshav Ein Yahav and later in Jerusalem . Today he lives and works in Yavniel,  not far from the Sea of Galilee. Talent revealed when he was kid, he could build various things and he had creative imagination. Ohad Milner works only with  solid wood. Each woodwork is unique creation. He uses  various wood such as Eucalyptus, Maple, African walnut, American Walnut, Purple Heart and other hardwoods.


Unique furniture by Rob Elliot

October 23, 2015

Born in 1963, in the historic town of Selkirk in the Scottish Borders, Rob Elliot have been around timber his whole life. Even as a  boy he spent many hours making things from wood in the carpenter’s shop of his father’s sawmill.