The incredible tunnels carved into giant 2,000-year-old TREES wide enough to drive a car through

April 26, 2017

Dotted around the northern regions of California are a handful of the oldest redwoods and giant sequoias in the world, reaching up to the skies like something out of Tolkien’s universe. These colossal trees can grow to be over 300ft high and 3,000 years old. Over time, their trunks have become wide enough for enterprising locals to hollow out the middle to create incredible drive-through trees.


Sharpening a Gigantic 50-Foot Bandsaw Blade

February 21, 2017

In 1934, in the depth of the Depression, Ralph Hull started sawmilling by leasing a mill from a friend who had closed the operation due to harsh economic times. In 1936, Ralph’s uncle, Wes Miller, saw his Dawson sawmill burn to the ground. The only buildings undamaged in the fire were the boiler room and planer. Wes decided not to rebuild the sawmill and sold the site to Ralph.


Faces In Wood Grain

February 8, 2017

Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus (an image or a sound) wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists. Common examples are perceived images of animals, faces, or objects in cloud formations.


15 Tiny Cabin Interiors You’ll Love

January 26, 2017

There seems to be a trend lately in building tiny, micro houses, but this time let’s talk about small log cabins, because it’s woodworking page, yes? This trend is basically all about finding a way to include as many things and functions into as little space as possible. With thoughtful, innovative designs, some homeowners have discovered a small house actually leads to a simpler yet fuller life, connecting them with…


15 Wonderful Log Homes

December 3, 2016

Log cabin dwellings began with a very simple purpose; to provide shelter from the elements. Over the years, with many realizing how exquisite, efficient and economic log cabins are, they have gained immensely in popularity and have become more luxurious with a wide range of purposes. 


Make your own spalted wood

November 10, 2016

Spalted wood was unwanted for a long time until now. Nowadays, woodworkers are searching for new design ideas, for example, using recycled or barn wood, decorating with colourful various material inlays and using wood which was used as a firewood some years ago. Spalted wood  include colors not normally found in wood, contrasting light and dark colors adjacent to each other, and most notably, unique brown and black lines running through…


Here Are 19 Hacks That’ll Make Any Messy Garage An Organized Thing Of Beauty

  Let’s be honest with ourselves: most of our garages are absolute disaster zones. Sure there’s some organization – a couple bins here and there, maybe a few shovels hanging on the wall, but besides that, many garages are absolute free-for-alls, full of miscellaneous objects scattered about with little to no sense of organization. Garages like this can be a huge waste of time when you have a project you…

March 21, 2015