10 Wonderful Wooden Bathtubs

January 4, 2017

Everybody wants to relax at the end of the busy day. Best way to feel relaxed is to chill in your bathtub. If you put wooden bathtub in your bathroom you will get warm and cozy atmosphere, modern and luxury look. White bathtubs can look very plastic and cold. That is why wooden bathtub can be perfect for any home.


Creative Wooden Bowl Ideas

January 3, 2017

Although a bowl is just an open-topped container, there is more to a bowl than just its function. An infinite variety of possible shapes, but far fewer really good ones. A turner’s work tends to evolve over time and I think this gives us clues. As well as exploring new ideas, they begin to see the faults of their early work. There are no rigid rules about bowl design. Such rules as there…


Turning one of the biggest wooden bowls

January 1, 2017

Short video from Stuart Mortimer demonstrating the making of a big bowl in Los Angles, Ontario, USA in 1997. The lathe is a Tyme Highlander, now owned by Nick Agar,which was shipped from UK to USA for the project. Stuart had turned a larger bowl earlier the same year, a world record size 8 for 6 in size! This was turned in Detroit and Philadelphia shows. The lathe was designed by…


Unique Furniture by Gareth Christopher Jones

December 30, 2016

Located in the village of Kettleshulme, Cheshire, Carved Wood Design is a great example of alternative thinking. Uneasy with simplistic conventional furniture and kitchen design, Gareth the owner, aims for originality at all times ignoring fashion trends and the principle of built in obsolescence. Flexibility in design means unlimited possibilities, a truly bespoke service from a furniture artist.


Creative Wall Art Ideas to Decorate Your Space

December 29, 2016

Wall art decor adds character and personality to the room. Whether you want to save money, or just personalize your home, these projects are a great way to put your mark on your home. Improve your craft-abilities and create a modern hallmark for your living space, be innovative and create your own wall decorations. Some of designs can be hard to make but most of them are diy – you can do it at…


Huge Wood Turnings by David Barkby

December 23, 2016

Born in Syracuse, NY in 1964, Dave Barkby moved to Dover, PA in 1972 with his family.  At the age of 12, Dave began working with wood, leading to a life-long passion.  Following high school, he specialized mostly in custom jobs such as kitchens, entertainment centers, stairs, and moldings.  Such work brought him into the world of woodturning, where he has consistently taken the art to a higher level.


Unique Carved Axe Handles

December 22, 2016

Making an axe handle is an old skill from long before you could purchase a pre-finished handle from the hardware store. Back then, the axe head was handmade and so was the handle. Today axe is just a tool to split firewood or carve something rough out of wood, but Aleksandr Romashov proves that axes can be special too!


Stunning Live Edge Table Ideas

December 13, 2016

The design and decor revolution in the last few years has been all about ‘green’. This is not just about cool DIY projects that help in upcycling and recycling, but also pertains to furniture that ushers in a more organic, natural and sustainable vibe. If there is one particular piece that epitomizes this trend, it is undoubtedly the live-edge table. Natural-edge tables are great centerpieces that immediately draw your attention…


15 Wonderful Log Homes

December 3, 2016

Log cabin dwellings began with a very simple purpose; to provide shelter from the elements. Over the years, with many realizing how exquisite, efficient and economic log cabins are, they have gained immensely in popularity and have become more luxurious with a wide range of purposes. 


Wooden Kitchen Countertops

December 1, 2016

Like a tree in its natural environment or an elegant coffee table centerpiece, a wood countertop can provide a finished look to a wide range of kitchens. Rustic kitchen areas will benefit from an unfinished, natural wood countertop, while classic kitchens will pair beautifully with a finished wood, like teak countertops.