12 Unique Waterfall Table Ideas

The design and decor revolution in the last few years has been all about ‘green’. This is not just about cool DIY projects that help in upcycling and recycling, but also pertains to furniture that ushers in a more organic, natural and sustainable vibe. If there is one particular piece that epitomizes this trend, it is undoubtedly the live-edge table. Natural-edge tables are great centerpieces that immediately draw your attention and give the modern interior a more soothing and natural aura. And heading the pack in this section is the unique and exclusive live-edge dining table.
Live-edge dining tables bring along with them a variety of advantages that range from design versatility to an ability to adapt to diverse spaces. They look equally at home in a wide range of dining rooms, and of course, you can always be proud of the fact that no one else on the planet has a similar dining table! If you are someone like Phoebe Buffay and hate the mundane appeal of the ‘factory made’ dining tables, then you will surely fall in love with live-edge furniture.

Today we will show you some different live edge table ideas – “waterfall” tables. It’s a fairly new trend in furniture design. So, check these designs below and be inspired!

So, do you like these creative table designs?
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