Wonderful Carvings By Marek Cinko

Marek Cinko is a extraordinary wood carver from Czech Republic. Mostly he carves mystic-looking human sculptures which reminds characters from fantasy stories. Marek has a tradition to plant 3 trees after carving a new sculpture.  His sculptures cost from 50 000 to 150 000 CZK (approximately 1950-5830 USD) + shipping (worldwide). That’s all information I could find on his website, if you are from Czech or speak Czech language it would be great that you would provide us more information about talented artist Marek Cinko.

Check these wonderful sculptures below and comment your first thought about Marek work!

More photos on Marek’s Facebook page

Don’t forget to check his website

E-mail: sochyodmarka@gmail.com

Tel: +420  775 974 643


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