Turning one of the biggest wooden bowls

Short video from Stuart Mortimer demonstrating the making of a big bowl in Los Angles, Ontario, USA in 1997. The lathe is a Tyme Highlander, now owned by Nick Agar,which was shipped from UK to USA for the project. Stuart had turned a larger bowl earlier the same year, a world record size 8 for 6 in size! This was turned in Detroit and Philadelphia shows. The lathe was designed by Stuart Mortimer and made in the UK by Apollo lathes Barry Beck, and sold by Tyme. The lathe is no longer in production.

Visit Stuart Mortimer website to get more info about his woodturnings: stuartmortimer.com

Stuart Mortimer

Hope Cottage Grateley
Andover Hants, SP11 8JT England
PHONE: +44 1264 889016
FAX: +44 1264 889016
E-mail:  stuart@stuartmortimer.com

Stuart Mortimer bowl was the largest bowl until 2005. The largest turned wooden bowl measured 4.01 m (13.15 ft) in diameter and 1.03 m (3.37 ft) from base to rim. The bowl was made by Peter Andres and Werner Rumplmayr in Gurtis, Austria on 4 September 2005. The enormous cost of a giant lathe brought the idea to use a tractor as woodturning lathe. Click here to view photos and get more info.

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