15 Wooden Sink Ideas

When it comes to bathroom sink designs, we must say that there are many designs to choose from. You can pick from a traditional round bowl basin to a sharp-edged shallow twin user trough. And basins can be also found in versatile forms, colors and sizes and can be also made of versatile materials. For instance, they can be made out of wood and although such design may sound weird to you, we want to show you how cool they look. We have picked several wooden sinks that you may love to have in your bathroom too.

These wooden sinks can definitely give a warm look to the bathroom. They can be found in versatile styles and as such can fit into different bathrooms. So, they are not only meant for rustic bathrooms, but can be also found in modern bathrooms. With their designs they somehow give a spa-like look to the bathroom. And although you may think that wood and water is not really a good combo, these sinks have a resistant coating that makes them long lasting. Scroll down now to see them and choose which one of them did you like the best.

By Dan Tilden
By Markus Horner

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