Zyl Vardos Tiny Houses On Wheels

Zyl Vardos is a tiny house construction company in Olympia, Washington. The company specializes in organic shapes and has been happily installing undulating rooflines, circular Hobbit-esque doors, and bright expanses of cedar shingles into the tiny house design lexicon since 2007.  The tiny house movement may have gained traction in austere times, but, for Zyl, building small, movable houses is about more than saving money. “Culturally we are due for a little change from the manufactured, expensive world,” he said. “Not only is the money part of it, but also people finding a more zen way to live.”

Zyl’s “tiny living” history began when he moved onto a sailboat in the aftermath of a major breakup — a time for zen if ever there was one — but he also traces the thread back to childhood: “I’ve been a fan of small spaces and tree houses,” he said. “I had a hayloft that I inhabited when I was a kid. We used to build all kinds of weird forts by weaving sticks together in the bushes. My parents could never figure out quite where we were.”

Now he and his crew of five craftsmen and women work long hours on the growing list of orders for Zyl’s designs. Standing inside one of his creations, you can’t help but register the maritime feel of an arching roof and large wooden flanks.

Zyl Vardos contacts:
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