Chainsaw carvings by Joseph Stebbing

Located in Thurmont, Maryland, Joe started carving eight years ago. He began carving tree spirits, and now can carve anything he or his customers dream up. Joe’s carvings can be found in homes and stores in Maryland, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Iowa, Indiana, Colorado, Kentucky, West Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, and even as far as Scotland. Below you will see just a few pieces of art created by Joe and his many chainsaws.

Joe can be commissioned to carve or demonstrate at shows and events anywhere in the world!

Contact Joe at
(240) 388-7114
2014-carving 2014-carvings-023 2014-carvings-028 2014-carvings-034 2014-carvings-037 2014-carvings-041 2014-carvings-053 2014-carvings-072

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