Scrap Wood Project Ideas


Everyone who work with wood has a lot of scraps. Mostly we throw it away or burn if it isn’t exotic, expensive wood, but there is a lot of projects you can make from scraps. You can get really creative and make furniture, home improvements, and a ton of other stuff! Check out few cool scrap wood projects below.

Instructables user mikeasaurus made this cool scarp ends table. Full guide how to make it:


Youtube user ThisWoodwork made scrap wood coasters. For more information on his website click here.
mtmwood makes beautiful chaotic design end grain cutting boards

 Made By Woodhand makes table tops from salvaged wood, but I’m sure you can make these from scraps. Visit her shop here.
And some ideas from unknown authors:
chevron-planter-boxes d6db4a777a530fbc714ee265afc498ce DM_WoodWallArt_B junk-wood-board-cabinet

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