Chainsaw Carvings By Tomas Vrba


Tomas Vrba Studio specializes in wood and stone sculpture, including on-site chainsaw stump carvings. Tomas Vrba, an award-winning master sculptor with over twenty years of experience, combines the classical fine arts training he received in his native country of Slovakia with modern tools, such as the chainsaw, to create truly unique works of art.


Tomas’ sculptures have appeared in galleries throughout Europe and the United States. His work resides in private homes and has been included in a number of prominent corporate and public works projects.


From Tomas’ artist statement: I have always been interested in exploring the ways in which art pushes back at the bloated, constantly expanding boundaries of industrialized society. In my own work, I utilize downed trees, cedar butts not deemed fit for the lumber mill, and even worn out telephone poles otherwise left to rot in utility company lots. Cast aside from society’s endless race toward development, these ‘throwaways’ are given new life in my work–often by the very tools that felled them in the first place.”
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Tomas Vrba website:
Tel: (206) 227-6647
Tomas Vrba is located just north of Seattle
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