Wooden Spoons Carved Into Fun Sculptures

Over the last 5 or 6 years Terry Widner have explored the creative process within the constraints of the wooden spoon. The making of wooden spoons dates back to antiquity and the design possibilities are still limitless.

Some of the spoons Terry carve are functional, meant to be used in the kitchen, but the majority of them are nonfunctional and even dysfunctional.
More info: Etsyspoontaneous.com

Eater-Bunny-side-photo__880 Fowl-Play__880 Full-Moon__880 Ladder-Ladle__880 Outside-the-Box__880 Rhino__880 Spoontaneous__880 Spoontaneous2__880 Spoontaneous3__880 Spoontaneous4__880 Spoontaneous6__880 s-s-s-spoon__880 Unravel__880

More info: Etsyspoontaneous.com

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