Here Are 19 Hacks That’ll Make Any Messy Garage An Organized Thing Of Beauty


Let’s be honest with ourselves: most of our garages are absolute disaster zones.

Sure there’s some organization – a couple bins here and there, maybe a few shovels hanging on the wall, but besides that, many garages are absolute free-for-alls, full of miscellaneous objects scattered about with little to no sense of organization. Garages like this can be a huge waste of time when you have a project you want to get done but can’t find the tools you need.

So folks, let’s get ourselves together and organize our garages the right way, saving some space while we’re at it!

1. Store small objects like screws and nails using old peanut butter jars screwed to the bottom of a shelf.

2. Create an awesome DIY tape dispenser.

3. Don’t forget to label everything — it’ll make things a lot easier.

4. If you need a little extra space, give wire baskets a shot.

5. Build a wooden bin to store those oddly-shaped, clunky items.

6. Instead of putting that ladder against a wall (for it to fall over), hang it from the ceiling.

7. Create extra-large shelves with this clever design.

8. Put your cabinets on wheels so that you can change up your garage configuration whenever you want.

9. Don’t forget to look up – never underestimate the value of overhead storage.

10. Use tin cans to save space and hold smaller objects.

11. Use a paper towel holder to store large garbage bag rolls.

12. And don’t discount installing a trusty pegboard.

13. You can always build your own cabinets, too.

14. Never lose your drills bits, screws, or nails again when you use magnets to organize them.

15. Divided containers are a great way to keep everything in the right place.

16. Use bungie cords to store sports balls in a way that saves tons of space.

17. Keep your gardening tools in order with pieces of PVC pipe.

18. Use an old bucket as a way to wrap up a hose and store it on your wall.

19. Make a custom bike rack that is guaranteed to save space.

(via Diply)

You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel once that mess in your garage is cleaned up. By the end, you might even look forward to going out there. Crazy, huh?

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